Google Cloud Architecture for Magento 2

Success of any ecommerce website is more or less dependent upon the performance of the ecommerce website and performance is depends on the hosting solution.
Shared hosting for ecommerce is not a good solution until & unless someone is looking for a cheap solution.
Now, Cloud hosting is reliable option for it.

What is cloud hosting?
If anything add/update on the server then it would be transferred to another server within zero time and without breaking your website.

Why Google cloud hosting:

Cloud Computing Services | Google Cloud
  • Google Search engine is also on Google cloud, so that you will also get power of Google hosting server.
  • Easy to use, you can install magento through Google cloud hosting server GUI
  • Magento Google cloud hosting server included all the types of cache which is used by magento for performance
  • Deploying Magento using the App Engine flexible environment
  • The cache, search, and messaging components are all deployed using Compute Engine.
  • Cloud Load Balancing directs incoming requests to the web application Compute Engine VMs.
  • The database component is hosted on a Compute Engine instance.
  • For deployments with plugins or Magento Marketplace extensions, you can deploy using either GKE or Compute Engine.

The following diagram shows a sample Magento deployment using the App Engine flexible environment with split database functionality.

Magento runs on multiple instances of App Engine, which are in a separate subnet from the other components

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